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Elder law isn't necessarily the same thing as estate law, it can be complex. One wrong word or move can mean the difference between a good result and a terrible one. Working with a qualified elder law attorney can avoid simple and yet very costly mistakes. A simple assumption that doesn't turn out to be true can leave an estate plan in shambles.

The main purpose of an elder law attorney is to help you navigate through the legal issues of life that arise simply because of living. They can offer legal guidance and counseling on preparing for long-term care, choosing retirement plans, planning and settling your estate and a host of other issues that we all face as we get older. It's important that you find an attorney that's right for you. It's your time, money and life, so don't rush into a decision or relationship or feel pressure to work with someone you don't have complete faith in. Don't wait for a health crisis to start the process. Unfortunately, this is how most folks seem to begin their planning - with a health crisis. There is much planning you can put in place way ahead of needing it. Planning during a crisis limits your options and increases your stress.

We enjoy practicing in this area of law because helping a family in need, when all seems lost, affords personal rewards that no other area of law can offer. Burton Law and Title offers a range of legal services from estate planning and probate to real estate. We are experienced in helping manage those critical situations that arise during the aging process. Whether navigating a crisis or planning for the future, we bring clients the assurance of decades of experience.

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